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Catalyst Conversations

Jul 17, 2018

Today, I got to speak with Amanda Tress.

She is a digital marketing expert and she’s also a fitness and nutrition consultant. She’s the founder of FASTer Way to Fat Loss, which as you will hear, I have been a participant in her programs since January 1st. We talk a lot about self-care and why that’s so important and how that translates into success as female entrepreneurs.

We also talk quite a lot about how she’s against Photoshop and why transparency is so important.

She had a baby this year—as of the time of this recording—she’s got three kids but one of them is just a little tiny brand-new baby. We talk about balance and how balance can be a myth, but how she is really shifting her business so that she can scale it, keep it sustainable, and still be able to spend time at home with her kids.

There’s a lot of insight and inspiration that you’ll get from hearing her talk about how she is unafraid to make those changes that are best for her business.