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Catalyst Conversations

Jul 24, 2018

Today, I spoke with a licensed psychotherapist Christine Dassow who also happens to be my high school best friend—you’ve been warned, we have a good time.

I was interested in talking with someone who has an insight and expertise into how to deal with a really high-pressure career, a high-pressure lifestyle, and some of the social anxiety that comes along with having to put yourself out there.

Today it seems like technology just moves at a crazy pace and putting yourself out there in social media or on television can feel like so much pressure--just crazy pressure.

We walk through a couple of exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere to help that inner critic back into check and to get yourself centered in the here and now.

We also talk about how to find a great therapist. That's as important as having a great CPA, a great business attorney. You have to have a great therapist on your team as well.