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Catalyst Conversations

Jul 31, 2018

I am so excited to bring you Lesley Bohm today. She is a super talented photographer that I met while I was at a conference in Los Angeles. Her pictures are just incredible. She has worked with celebrities, actors, actresses, sports figures, entrepreneurs, and she really knows how to bring that personal touch out of a photograph.

In this interview, we have some great conversations about how she got started. She had some issues with her mom that caused her to leave when she was in high school. She moved from Canada to Los Angeles—not just to another city or another state—but another country with $800 in her pocket. She shares some of the challenges and some of the lessons learned as she grew her business into this renowned photographer.

We also talk about how important your headshots are. These days, somebody comes to your website or your social media and you have seconds—you have just seconds, take that in for just a minute—you have seconds to invite somebody in through that imagery to decide if they want to read the copy on your website, if what you have to offer is what they’re looking for, if you are the kind of person that they want to get to know. No pressure. Actually, it’s a lot of pressure to get those headshots right.

She gives us her best tips for finding a great photographer, how to get great headshots, and she’s got a special offer for our listeners. If you reach out to Lesley and you let her know that you heard her here on Jenn’s podcast, Catalyst Conversations, she’s got a special step-in rate, kind of a mini session, if you will. She’s amazing. If you get the opportunity to get on this women’s calendar, you should absolutely do it, you won’t regret it.