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Catalyst Conversations

Aug 14, 2018

Oh, my guest today, oh my word! Tricia Arce! She is half of the duo with her spouse Hazel who owns The Toasted Mallow.

I was introduced to Tricia a few weeks ago by a mutual friend, Joanie Simon, who I also interviewed for this podcast.

Tricia is kind of like Barbara Huson, who is another good friend of mine that is on this podcast, but she’s one of these people that there are so much depth and substance. I had never met this woman, didn’t know she existed before Joanie introduced us.

We sat and we had our hot tea and our coffee and just immediately started talking about this really deep stuff, and our past, our history, and being entrepreneurs. She’s just amazing.

I think, as women entrepreneurs, we can learn so much from each other and she’s got so much to offer.

She is again, the co-owner of The Toasted Mallow which was launched as a home-based business in 2013 by she and her wife Hazel. The demand grew organically through farmers markets, an amazing social media. They actually took the startup from Etsy to a retail location and they now ship nationally. Their social media is incredible, so authentic, so real, and so good.

We talk about how the loss of her grandmother really propelled her forward in creating her business because before that, she really just wanted to climb the corporate ladder and realized that there were other things that she wanted to be doing. That brought her joy. We also talk about overcoming self-doubt and how authenticity is really key.

You can’t force it in business and have it resonate with your audience. I hope you enjoy it. You can visit them at