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Catalyst Conversations

Aug 21, 2018

Today, I spoke with Nikki Riojas who is in Corpus Christi, Texas. She was fabulous to talk to.

She launched her online retail business—it’s a home decor and lifestyle site— 16 years ago. She’s got some really interesting experience and insight from what it was like launching online retail from back in the day when we didn’t have handy templates and we didn’t have easy to use carts and merchant services—if you can remember online back that far ago.

She also moved to Texas four years ago and started asking around about where women entrepreneurs meet, support, and collaborate. The answer was that there really wasn’t anything. So six months ago, she formed officially her nonprofit, and hosts events each month where these women can come together.

They’re having the opposite issue that lots of entrepreneurs and founders experience when they’re developing groups. They’re scaling so quickly that they’re having trouble finding space. But really it points to the fact that women entrepreneurs are looking for that sense of community and she is serving her community very, very well. She is fabulous to talk to. I hope you will check out her website for her nonprofit, it’s