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Catalyst Conversations

Sep 25, 2018

Victoria Repka-Geller, is a CMO and career and transformational coach with over 20 years experience in Advertising and Marketing.

She brings an educated perspective that is rare and invaluable among today’s personal development coaches in that she couples her expertise, passion, and talent with real work-life experience.

She has been featured in the NYTimes People on the Move Series, WSJ’s The High Cost of Avoiding Conflict at Work and Barbara Stanny-Huson’s Sacred Success (one of my favorite books!).

In this episode of Catalyst Conversations, we talk about:

+ surviving in the male-dominated, at times dehumanizing, advertising industry where it was the norm to work 80-90 hours a week, despite being a single mom.

+ how women, especially, must overcome second-guessing themselves and automatically going to “how do I change me?” when there is a problem at work.

+ how we fool ourselves with “fake control” thinking we can (and should) fix everything, and the myth that being “too sensitive” is a bad thing.

+ helping her clients to recognize and deal with severe burnout, and how men and women differ with inner dialogue and when it comes to dealing with pressure.

+ the ways fear protects us while also holding us back, and how to leave those stories behind.