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Catalyst Conversations

Sep 25, 2018

Victoria Repka-Geller, is a CMO and career and transformational coach with over 20 years experience in Advertising and Marketing.

She brings an educated perspective that is rare and invaluable among today’s personal development coaches in that she couples her expertise, passion, and talent with real work-life...

Sep 18, 2018

My guest, Julie Farha, has become one of the Nation's most sought out intuitives and intuition experts. She understands the importance of intuition and teaches people and companies how to apply it to everyday life and decision making, which I got a taste of in
a recent session with her.
In this episode we...

Sep 11, 2018

Destinee Berman has been called a “soul sister,” “Durga Destinee,” and the secret “visionary” behind today’s most widely recognized online schools in the intuitive arts and spiritual healing spaces.

After spending 15 years in Silicon Valley, managing accounts for Twitter and Oracle Marketing Cloud,...

Sep 4, 2018

My guest, Shawn Bradford, founder of Breathe and Work had a life centered around her job in corporate America while her marriage, family and her own sense of fulfillment suffered.

Ultimately, she left her job to launch her own business, helping corporate employees to take control of their stress and providing them with...