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Catalyst Conversations

Aug 7, 2018

Today I got to speak with Salma Benkabbou who is The Millennial Business Lawyer. She’s the Managing Attorney and Lead Legal Strategist for The Benkabbou Law Firm in Tampa, so very close to my hometown. I love her tagline, she helps entrepreneurs protect their creative greatness. We had some great conversations about why you need a business attorney. Adn ideal timing is--I don’t know if you know this aggressive, excited entrepreneur is out there--you want a business plan, then you want to consult your attorney, then you want to execute. Some of us have gotten a little backwards.

That said, a great attorney is going to help protect you and keep you out of litigation because it costs a lot less to prevent through having the correct business formation, sound contracts, protecting your trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, all that good stuff, and not have to go into litigation.

I talk with Salma a little bit about finding a great attorney. We also talk about some of her struggles with her social media.

It wasn’t always so easy for her and in industry that is dominated by men where she is often times mistaken for the secretary and not the managing attorney. We talk a little bit about what it’s like to break out of that stereotype.