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Catalyst Conversations

Oct 23, 2018

Tisha M. Pelletier took the entrepreneurial leap in 2004, has run four different businesses, planned hundreds of events and facilitated over 300 masterminds.

She is the president of Tisha Marie Enterprises, LLC and she empowers entrepreneurs to make their business successful through mentoring, her online course the Startup Entrepreneur Academy, and the Social Connect Business Happy Hour. Her newest book What Are the Odds – A mom shares her good, bad and what the f*ck moments in life and business can be found on Amazon and Audible.

In this episode, we talk about a LOT of the things I hear regularly from women entrepreneurs, including the challenges of balancing marriages, raising kids and building businesses, the fear she had around developing her personal brand and why she had to push past that fear, knowing when to pivot in business and how to know when to trust well-meaning advice.

We talk about:

+ her passion for supporting founders

+ the fears she had around building a personal brand

+ how she learned the hard way not to always trust well-meaning advice

+ why authenticity so important, and incredibly powerful, especially today

Tisha shares,”I’m always going to do what I say - I find that that is challenging for a lot of people. There are a lot of people who are ‘sayers,’ they don’t do. I think by sharing that experience with people of, I set out to do it, it was a personal challenge or a professional challenge, I set out to do it and I did it. And here’s what happened. In telling them the story that I had to keep working at this and I had to keep going. I think you only get that through experience, and experience is your greatest teacher.”

Jennifer shares, “I think specifically with women, we’re so challenged by dealing with self-image and what we put out there and feeling like it’s got to look good,  it’s got to the look the way someone else is doing it on social media... Or we’re horrified by our headshots, the hair isn’t right, the weight isn’t right. There’s all these crazy things, right, but ultimately while personal branding can be such a struggle and challenge to manage it all, and the fear of having the ultimate responsibility of ‘yes, I am the person behind the company, and the buck stops here.” But, I think the really positive bright side of it is, just like you said, people are already talking about you. You’re already out there and people are talking about you, wouldn’t you want to be the person that ultimately manages that perception of other people with your personal brand? That’s your opportunity to provide that message that you want people to see.”

Resources from this episode – schedule a chat with Tisha

Tisha’s Book: What Are the Odds – A mom shares her good, bad and what the f*ck moments in life and business


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