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Catalyst Conversations

Mar 12, 2019

Jarrett is the self-professed Nonprofit Nerd. She and her company, The Rayvan Group, have been working exclusively with nonprofits across the US since 2009 and have helped them raise millions of dollars since. Jarrett holds an MBA in business and a Certificate of Grant Writing from The Grantsmanship Center Institute, and her accolades include being named an AZ Central Who's Next
Nominee, and a Greater Phoenix Athena Nominee, and she received the Global Women's Summit Leadership Award just to name a few highlights.

We talk about:
+ why she is so passionate about serving the non-profit sector
+ the keys to her success as she scaled her business from start up to six figures AND she did it as a single mom!
+ the common thinking and challenges that plague non-profits
+ her top tips for non-profit fundraising success

Show Notes + Resources: