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Catalyst Conversations

Jun 12, 2018

As entrepreneurs, we’ve all had times when cash was tight.  But what if you could see that wealth wasn’t a number? Instead, what if one of the most money-savvy and credentialed authorities on women, wealth, and power could show you that a wealth mindset and wealth don’t come from what you earn - but rather from what you do with what you earn?

After being positively blindsided by her then-husband’s out-of-control gambling addictions, Barbara Huson's life changed instantly. Unfortunately, it still took her several years to admit it.

When she was finally forced to make some huge adjustments to keep herself and her children afloat (and divorced her husband, who refused to come to terms with his addiction and the impact it had on their family), Barbara went for it.

And, thanks to some positively amazing coincidences that Barbara credits to The Universe’s intervention, Barbara finally learned how to manage money by interviewing a series of powerful, successful, and wealthy women. And that’s when she realized that a wealthy mindset isn’t just a quick paradigm shift: it’s a series of 7 life-changing realizations that impact every decision you’ll make.