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Catalyst Conversations

Nov 20, 2018

In today’s episode, I speak with web designer and strategist Christina Petrie. She has a unique perspectiveand a diverse background in software development, teaching, project management, photography and aMasters Business Administration.

She stumbled into her career when she was searching for a job and friends and family kept asking her to fix their terrible websites. She quickly realized the potential to help them understand what they were missing and to help them start fresh with a website that would convert customers and generate value.

When she’s not designing awesome websites and helping clients grow their business you can find her trail running in one of my favorite places - Seattle, taking a group fitness class, reading a book, listening to
podcasts or spending time with the people she loves.
This episode is jam packed with her tips for overcoming limiting beliefs, getting up the courage to put
yourself out there authentically on your website, what your website should do for your business and the
questions you should ask a web designer before you work with them.

In this episode we talk about:
+ The three keys to building a strategic website that leads to new business.
+ The questions you should ask when choosing a web designer, and the questions they should be asking you.
+ How she overcame her own limiting beliefs and learned to put herself out there more authentically.
+ Her tips for how to make your website stand out from the competition.

Christina shares, “Something was missing. I realized that everyone thinks that their website and their business are each in their own corned doing their own thing. But the truth is the two are so integrated you can’t really look at one without looking at
the other.

I realized that the missing part [in building her own website when she started her business] was doing a deep dive into my business first and reflecting those key objectives on to my website.

There is this term called strategic web design, and I call myself a web designer and strategist because the strategy is the critical part you have to have total clarity around your business before you build
your website. That strategy is going to dictate that web design. That’s where the magic happens, that’s how you build a website that’s going to build your website.”

Resources from this episode
Simon Sinek Explains the Golden Circle (or leading with “Why”)

Want to connect with Christina?  You can reach out to her here: