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Catalyst Conversations

Nov 13, 2018

In today’s episode, I talk with Heather Simpson, who mentors women in Leadership roles, and is a thought leader and entrepreneur driven to help women find success in both business and life.

Through her own experiences and life trials, she is devoted to supporting women through her company, She Leads Me.

Heather is a friend, and a member of the Catalyst Founders Group for women entrepreneurs. After a recent private sessions, we agreed to this intensely personal conversation about our experiences with business relationships that went bad.

We discuss:
+ why women take too long to leave work and personal relationships that aren’t working out despite the obvious signs.
+ how women tend to look for their own fault rather than looking at the personalities and circumstances involved.
+ how staying in shock and refusing to believe we’ve been betrayed keeps us stuck – but only if we let it.
+ and our survival tips for what to do when business relationships go bad.

This was an amazingly raw, honest and cathartic conversation about something I haven’t shared with many people over the years. Our goal in sharing our stories is to help move other women forward who are struggling with dysfunctional business relationships.